Becoming a contractor with Hire it Done

I get contractors calling and emailing me all the time wanting to become part of the Hire it Done network.  Most of the time, they think if they contact me, cut a check and maybe send me a copy of their license they’re good to go — NOT SO FAST BUDDY!  At Hire it Done, we are very SERIOUS about our vetting process.

The first thing I do is refer a potential contractor to our 10-Point Screening Process.  I tell them to read it and if they are STILL interested, call me back.  To be honest, only about 25% of these initial inquiries will call me back.

If they are still interested, we arrange a meeting — and yes, I do personally go to these meetings.  The meeting may be at a coffee shop, our office or ideally the contractor’s office.  When we meet, we just talk shop.  I like to hear how they conduct business, what they do that is unique, how they sell, how they handle customer issues and what their growth plans are for the coming years.

Obviously, we discuss how Hire it Done works and the explore the best way that it would work for them.  At this point, if everyone is feeling that there may be a match, we kick in with our documented screening process.

A few notes about our screening process that are very important to me that make Hire it Done different than any other service are listed below:

  • Hire it Done Code of Ethics.  All contractors that sign up with us MUST sign this and more importantly, must always abide by these terms.  Very simply, contractors must treat homeowners with respect and work to provide hassle-free home improvement experience.  At Hire it Done, we are all about NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES.  If a contractor steps out of line regarding these ethics — they are out — no exceptions.
  • On-site Project Evaluation.  Most people don’t believe this, but in order to work with Hire it Done, I personally will come to a project site and check out a contractor’s work.  What am I looking for? Obviously quality is important, but what I really want to see is the professionalism on display.  Is the job site clean? Is there someone in charge who can give me an overview of what they’re doing? Are materials organized or just littered on homeowner’s lawn? Is the crew tossing cigarette butts in the flower bed? What type of material is being used and why? Are the trucks clean, professional and parked where they won’t interfere with the homeowner or their neighbors?
Adam Reviewing a Roofer
Checking out a new roofing prospect — that’s me in the black shirt

Assuming all of these points are passed and we start working together, we periodically follow up with random homeowners just to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Just so you, the homeowner are clear: I would never send a contractor to your home that I wouldn’t use on my own house.

We take this part of our business very seriously and hope you can tell the difference when you come to Hire it Done looking for help.

And you contractors out there…if you want to run with the best and grow your business the right way, contact me at to see if you can make the cut!

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