10-Point Contractor Screening Process

To be considered for inclusion in the Hire it Done contractor network, all contractors must undergo our exclusive 10-point screening process.  This process is defined to ensure the quality of service for all homeowners.

The 10 points are outlined below

  1. Contractor Stability

Hire it Done utilizes a national system to ensure that the following:

  • Valid license (where required)
  • Bonding (where required)
  • Insurance
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Credit Review

If any discrepancies are found during this process, they are documented and the contractor may provide explanations for the results.  It is left to Hire it Done to accept or reject the discrepancies.

  1. Experience

Contractors with at least 3 years of continual experience operating under the business entity that is filing for acceptance will be deemed to have sufficient experience.  Business entities with less than 3 years must show documentation of experience in the trade(s) and provide references from past employers to verify their qualifications.

  1. Professional Affiliations

Although not a requirement for acceptance, involvement and participation in local, state or national programs provided a strong measure of a company’s commitment to excellence.  These affiliations can be certifications by product suppliers, contractor associations, local business groups (e.g. Chamber of Commerce) and more.

  1. Hire it Done Code of Ethics

All contractors must sign and abide by Hire it Done Code of Ethics.  Hire it Done reserves the right to remove any contractor from its network if it is determined that this Code of Ethics is not being strictly followed.

  1. Professional References

The contractor must provide at least 2 references with professional entities with which the contractor currently does business with.  These may include product suppliers, debris removal companies, insurance companies, financing entities and more.  The objective of this reference is the understanding of how the contractor pays their bills, handles credit and processes claims (if applicable).

  1. Homeowner References

The contractor must provide at least 3 references of past homeowner projects.  Hire it Done will be granted permission to contact these homeowners to ascertain their overall experience with the contractor.  Depending on the range of services offered by the contractor, additional homeowner references may be required.

  1. On-site project Evaluation

Hire it Done must be granted the opportunity to evaluate projects that are currently in process by the contractor.  During this process, Hire it Done will evaluate the professionalism displayed by all workers on site.  Hire it Done will also talk to homeowners to understand their personal satisfaction with the contractor.  Failure to provide this opportunity to Hire it Done will result in the exclusion from the Hire it Done network of contractors.  Hire it Done may also ask for multiple project site visits to properly assess the contractor’s operating practices.

  1. Documented Warranty and Issue Resolution Procedures

The contractors must have standard and acceptable warranty commitments that are included in all transactions with homeowners.  Further, they should have a documented issue resolution process that should also be provided to the homeowner before any contract is signed.  Hire it Done is happy to work with contractors to establish and/or improve these documents.

  1. Financing Provided (where applicable)

Depending on the type of service provided, if homeowner financing is a common request, the contractor should have the means to provide financing to the homeowner.  The financing must follow all federal, state and local laws.  Failure to provide financing may not preclude contractor acceptance, but it will reduce the customer projects the contractor may receive.

  1. Documented Employment Standards

The contractor must agree to permit Hire it Done to run a criminal background check on the business owner.  Further, the owner must sign a document that states they will never knowingly employ either directly or as a subcontractor, any individual who has been convicted of a violent crime, is a known sexual offender or is an illegal United States immigrant.